modern social network

SecureTribe is a modern social network designed from the ground up with end-to-end encryption that allows you to securely share select pieces of your life with carefully controlled groups of friends.

full control

Unlike other social networks with limited or no control over who sees your content, with SecureTribe you have full control over who is allowed into your group (something we call a Tribe) and what they can do within that Tribe.

no leaks

All without accidentally leaking any content from one Tribe to another. So your prospective employer could NEVER stumble across your wild college party unless you choose to invite them to that Tribe.

secure sharing

Best of all, unless someone is authorized to see one of your Tribes, it is impossible for anyone to know the Tribe exists. So you can safely share church photos with your grandmother, without her knowing you have a wild party side too :)

SecureTribe is a new take on how a social media photo/video sharing service should work. First, we focused on the security and privacy of the users. Absolutely no content is shared with the general public without the user's express permission. All content is encrypted before it leaves the iPhone and can only be viewed (decrypted) by an authorized user with the appropriate decryption key.

Of course, there are many solutions for encrypting files and transmitting them to others. However, they are cumbersome and complicated for non-security geeks. SecureTribe has removed the complexity burden and made a beautiful, easy-to-use application to share your life's memories with your friends, co-workers, and associates.

Our unique platform allows you to choose what aspects of your life you share with those around you. Let’s say you went to church on Sunday and took a charming album of selfies. Great! This can be shared with Grandma and Grandpa. But...what if you were singing "take me to church" on Sunday, at the new club in town. You now have some...interesting pics…ones that should only be shared with your closest friends.

With SecureTribe, you can create private OR public albums, choosing the specific people you do and don't want to share content with. No more concerns about shocking Grandma to death with those #Unexpected selfie photos.

Parents can even create ulta-secure/invitation only Private tribes to safely share baby pix with family without any concern of online predators.

Musicians, Artists, Stand-Up Comedians and other performers can engage with their fans in special VIP tribes that they control.

When posting content, you choose to post either in your "Secure Files" -- this is a secure repository only you can access, or you can create as many custom "Tribes" as you wish. Tribes can be either public or private.
  • Public Tribes - Any content you post in one of your public tribes, is available for everyone to see.
  • Private Tribes - Any content you post in one of your private tribes is secure and only available to friends that you have invited.

We Are Different

  • SecureTribe

    When we store one of your images, it is fully encrypted and unable to be viewed by anyone without the proper decryption key! #HackerProof

  • Other Systems

    When other social media networks save one of your pictures, it is entirely viewable by ANYONE that has access to their servers. #NOTHackerProof

Inviting Friends

Inviting your friends is easy, just securely send them an Invite Graphic.

>How Invite Graphics Work<

chat with your friends

Hey Frank!

Wanna see the photos from our last party?

Which party?

The one when you wore that makeshift rhino costume...

I can't believe you took photos of me! I'd really prefer that nobody sees that... It was a unicorn by the way

No worries I'll share them with you on SecureTribe! What happens in our Tribe stays in our Tribe!

use cases for SecureTribe

Tech savvy parents keep their children safe online with SecureTribe
Bands and Artists provide exclusive VIP content to their fans
Professional Models control what content is available to which group of fans and for how long.

Want to know more about SecureTribe? Check out our [Frequently Asked Questions]

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