Technology is great. It allows us to share photos, videos and more with everyone around us in just a few clicks. However, behind every ray of light is a black hole. Unfortunately, the more technology progresses, the most danger we put our families in.

A study by the University of Michigan revealed that more than 74% of parents are hesitant about posting baby pics, but do it anyway as they don’t think they have another option. Worse yet, more than half of these security-conscious Moms and Dads unwittingly provided personal details that would make it easy for predators to determine their children’s locations.

Sometimes, the most seemingly harmless of photos can provide predators with everything they need to locate your child. For example, an innocent snap of your son waiting for the school bus could give them an address, school name and more.

This ends with SecureTribe; the modern social network that features end-to-end encryption to keep your children safe from prying eyes. When you upload a photo online in the “traditional” way, the whole world can access it in some way or another.

Fear shouldn’t stop you from sharing special memories, and it doesn’t have to. With SecureTribe, files are securely encrypted before leaving your device. Our own team doesn’t even have the keys to unlock those bad boys. Or girls. You can intuitively control who can see your files, sharing what matters with the people that matter. No leaks – guaranteed. SecureTribe works a lot like a regular social network across all devices, with the ability to receive notifications, comments, likes and more. What happens in your tribe stays in your tribe, and that’s a promise.

Here’s how it works. When posting a picture, you can choose to post in your “Secure Files” (A private repository for your eyes only) or you can create custom tribe after custom tribe to your heart’s content – publicly or privately. One for Claire’s friends, one for Joe’s grandparents, and so on.

It’s fast, easy, 110% secure, and just makes sense. But…don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself by downloading the app from the iOS App Store today to find out why more and more parents trust SecureTribe to keep their family treasures under lock and key.