So, here's the thing. As a solo artist or band, putting your name out there is pretty much par for the course. However, you get two type of fans. Those you want to keep in touch with and share content with, and, well, those you DON'T. Like the lunatics. Obsessed fiends. Dangerous stalkers. We have heard your call for a more secure way to keep you and your tribe's antics under wraps. That's why we created SecureTribe, so you can trust your instincts and share only what matters with the people that matter.

Let's say you're hosting a concert, and you're a super famous rock band. If hackers have easy access to your information, they can override security features and put your information in jeopardy. Worse yet, people who perhaps don't like you at all could gain access to the date, time and venue of your concert. With SecureTribe, there's no need to think about the unthinkable.

What's it all about? Easy. With SecureTribe, bands and individual artists can intuitively create "behind-the-scenes" and "members-only" tribes. No hut-building knowledge or spear-sharpening know-how needed. What you share is up to you, but most of our bands and artists like to share exclusive content with their VIP fans, and not the lunatics.

Enjoy time-limited subscriptions, such as 30-day access or one-week availability and so on. You can also set usage-based limits in just a few clicks. For example, free access will only be granted to the first 100 people to join. As you can see, SecureTribe goes beyond security. It sends hype skyrocketing, getting your biggest and best fans more excited to stay ahead of the other fans. Don't worry – we've got a range of usage-based limits for you to choose from to make things easier.

But...private tribes are just the beginning. If you've got content that's safe to shoot out on a public level, the world is your oyster. Any band or artist can have their own public tribe, posting free content to better market yourself to present and future fans. Heck, even past ones. If they don't follow you anymore for whatever reason, SecureTribe can help you reel them back in again. It's fast, easy, and makes your famous-guy antics (or gal) safer than ever before. So, download SecureTribe from the iOS App Store today…and reimagine the way you stay secure.