At SecureTribe we are big supporters of #BlueLivesMatter and Law Enforcement Officers in general. As a way of thanking LEO for all they give; we are giving back by providing free Premium upgrades to verifiable law enforcement officers for them to use personally. This will give your personal SecureTribe account all of the paid premium features for free :)

To upgrade your account for free there are a few simple steps. Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your 'account id'. This is NOT to be confused with your username/login. To find your account id, please go to "About SecureTribe" in the SecureTribe App. Tap and hold over the section that shows your ID and it will automatically copy to your clipboard.

  • Please include a "selfie" photo of you in your department uniform in this email. This photo WILL NEVER BE SHARED WITH THE PUBLIC by us and is ONLY for verification purposes. Please make sure your face, badge, and name plate are clearly visible.

Modify Posting Method
As a verified Law Enforcement Investigator, your SecureTribe account has some added features. An investigator has full control over the "posting method" attribute applied to photographs uploaded to SecureTribe. Normally the app automatically applies "Taken by Camera" if the photograph was taken using the built in camera within SecureTribe and "iPhone Image Gallery" if the image was uploaded from the user's iPhone photos app. We provide you with the ability to override this function and apply whichever attribute you wish to your uploads. Making it easier for your investigators to use carefully selected stock photos to establish believable online personas, complete with photographs that appear to be taken within the app


We offer enhanced investigative accounts for sworn law enforcement Officers and Investigators. Contact us for more information on investigative accounts.