Request Investigator credentials for SecureTribe account

We understand the unique challenges of law enforcement in the digital age. This is why we took careful consideration of how to balance both our user's rights to privacy and security, along with the moral responsibility to assist law enforcement to keep our network safe. With these issues in mind, we developed a unique account type for sworn law enforcement officers.

One thing to note is there is NO BACKDOOR or way to circumvent a user's encryption. The only way we can provide you with access to a user's files is:

  • 1) The user gives you access. You must get a suspect to invite you to his Tribe.

  • 2) All images uploaded to SecureTribe run through Microsoft PhotoDNA service. If there is a hit on any image, SecureTribe automatically Flags the offending Tribe for investigation. If a Flagged Tribe is verified to contain images of suspected of child exploitation, our system notifies NCMEC and locks the Tribe from being changed. A unique invite code is generated to this Tribe, available to NCMEC and law enforcement.

  • 3) If a user manually flags another user's Tribe or uploads. This case follows the same procedure as above.

Please note the free premium upgrade DOES NOT provide you any unique law enforcement features or tools. It is the same as all other Premium users, just free :)

Features Coming soon

* Ability to "assume account" of a user. This tool allows investigators to assume the control of an account of a cooperative
witness/victim/informat. It DOES require cooperation from the owner of the target account.